Create and Verify Neteller Account

Neteller is a free online payment processor that you can use to make deposits and pay for goods on thousands of sites. You can also use your Neteller Wallet to accept payments from other sites or individuals.
Many members come to Neteller after their debit or credit cards are declined on a merchant site or because they don’t want to enter their card information on multiple sites. Whether you want to pay online, send money or get paid, the Neteller eWallet offers you a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods.
Neteller Signup to Create Neteller Account
Creating a Neteller account is one of the easiest things to do. Within one minute you can have your account up and running and receive money. To make sure you are not making any error we have a short tutorial to open your Neteller account correctly.

Steps to Crete your Neteller Account.

  1. Visit Neteller.
  2. Fill the Signup Form.
  3. Verify YOur Email Address.

Step 1.

[button-green url=”” position=”none”]Visit Neteller and Join for Free[/button-green]

Step 2. Fill the Neteller Signup form.

  1. Email Adress.
  2. Password.
  3. Select Account Currency.
  4. Name.
  5. Date of Birth.
  6. Gender.
  7. Adress.
  8. Country.
  9. State.
  10. City.
  11. Postal Code.
  12. Phone Number.
Don’t forget to write down your password. Furthermore, it is wise to use a password that is different from any other password that you are using online.

Step 3: Verify your email.

Verify your email address by clicking the special verification on your inbox.
Once you verify your Email address your Neteller account will be activated.

Verify your Neteller Account:

You can create your Neteller account in an instant and receive money on it instantly. But without verifying your Neteller account you can not withdraw your money to your bank account. You have to verify your account in order to withdraw your Neteller money to your bank account.
You can Stat your verification process just by clicking verify your account. The basic need to verify your Neteller account is your Identity Card. You have to upload your identity card to verify your Neteller account.

Reasons to verify your account.

  • Withdraw your money to your bank.
  • Increase your limit. Both receive and spending limits.

Step 1:

Click “Verify your account” on top of your Neteller dashboard and start your verification process.

Step 2. Create Security Questions.

In this step, you have to select 3 questions and save your answers. The questions are security questions, so they are mainly self-centered questions. Questions like what’s your favorite movie, who is your childhood friend etc.
Anser them carefully and don’t forget the answers to the questions. You will need to answer the question whenever there is any security threat in your account. They are important to verify that you are the owner of your account, whenever there is any dispute in your account.

Step 3. Select your Identity Card.

On the next option, you will have to select your identity card which you gonna use to verify your account. Select among many of the options like passport, driving license, id card etc.

Also, don’t forget to be ready with a scanned copy of our id card. Because you will need to upload your card in order to verify your Neteller account.

Step 4. Upload Your ID card.

Now its time to upload your Identity card. Select your ID type and upload the scanned copy of your card.

Step 5. Wait until you are verified.

Wait up to 24 hours to be validated. It usually takes only a few hours. If everything is is correct places, in around an hour you will receive the confirmation email in your inbox.

Congrats! You Successfully Created Your Neteller Account.

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