Skrill Review – Security

Security is an important topic in general, but especially for eWallet customers it is even more important to keep your funds as safe as possible. Skrill offers a great in-house security feature, which helps you to secure your account.

Two-Step Authentication (2FA)

Every time you sign into your account or make a transaction your smartphone or tablet will generate a one-time-use code. This code comes in addition to standard login details and changes every 30 seconds. This makes it almost impossible for someone to break into your account. In combination with strong password you have a really safe place to keep your fuds.
You can find a quick step-by-step guide about how to set up this additional security feature on our Skrill Security page.
Skrill also offered a hardware security token to protect your account. This token is no longer available and was replaced by the two-step authentication. However, customers who still have an old token are able to use it.
There are also a lot of Skrill phishing on the web, so make sure to check our Security Article about this topic. You will find some more details about how to detect those sites and some general information about your security.
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