Skrill P2P Fees Changes for selected countries

Skrill recently made another change to their money transfer (p2p) fee structure. The fee for some countries for non-VIP clients were heavily increased as well as the fee for the first transaction for certain countries.

Skrill p2p Fees – Lifetime 5% fee for non-VIP clients

Not all countries are affected by those changes and for most non-VIP clients the fee was not increased.
For all the countries where the fees were increased, here is the list:
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Ukraine
  • Colombia
  • Russia
  • Uruguay
  • Greece
  • Serbia
  • Venezuela
  • Kenya
  • Spain
  • Vietnam
The fee structure for those countries now is:
  • non-VIP clients = 5% (capped at 50 EUR).
  • bronze VIP clients = 1.45 (min. 0.50 EUR).
  • silver VIP clients or higher = FREE.
Example:A Russian customer who sends 500 EUR from his Skrill account (non-VIP) to another Skrill account will have to pay 25 Euro in fees.

Skrill p2p Fees – Changes for 1st transaction for selected countries

There are also countries where the fees were increased only for the first transaction and only for accounts created after 3rd of Aprill 2019. Here is the full overview with details:
  • Countries
  • Bangladesh, Bolivia, Costa Rica
    El Salvador, India, Nigeria, South Korea, Tunesia
  • Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia,
    Bulgaria, Ecuador, Honduras, Montenegro,
    Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay
  • Fee BEFORE first deposit
  • 5.50% (min. 20 EUR)
  • 5.25% (min. 10 EUR)
  • Fee AFTER first deposit
  • 1.45% (min. 0.50 EUR)
  • 1.45% (min. 0.50 EUR)
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