Skrill Verification Changes 2019

The verification process of Skrill is about to change again in a major way. Starting on April 3rd, Skrill will replace the old Selfie (Picture with ID card next to the face) with a different one (Selfie holding a paper with date and “Skrill” written on it).
However, there are no other changes and like before our clients can still benefit from a fast verification without a deposit/webcam needed.
We have summarised the full process again for you to make sure you can easily verify your Skrill accounts from now on.

Skrill Verification – Changes only for new accounts.

The verification process will change for new clients only and if your account is already fully verified nothing will change for you. For new clients Skrill has replaced their old selfie method with a new one. All new clients now have to provide a selfie with the face and a note with the name “Skrill” on it and in addition the date of the verification. The picture has to look like this:
Skrill Verification Selfie
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